Platteklip Gorge

While this is the most direct route up Table Mountain, it is also the most used and definitely the least spectacular.

This is a technically easy hike and only requires some basic fitness. As such the route is great for people that suffer from vertigo since there is no exposure to heights at all.

Once on top of Table Mountain, we are able to walk across the plateau directly to the cable car, or take the more scenic walk along the front edge where you can safely view the magnificent sheer cliffs of the Right Face, while taking stunning photos from these really spectacular vantage points.

This is a half day hike, R850 per person (includes FREE cable car ride down for groups of four or more)



India Venster

This route is a bit off the beaten track but it offers the most ‘bang for your buck’ if you want the very best from Table Mountain. With just a little scrambling, a bit of adventure, and undoubtedly the most spectacular views, this route is one of our favorites.

The path we hike runs right below the Cable Car cables for most of the hike. At some vantage points we are so close to the Cable Car that one can often hear the passengers shouting to hikers in absolute amazement because from their point of view the route looks almost impossible!

And, on our guided hike, we make the five minute detour to visit the actual ‘Window’ called India Venster. It is claimed that less than 1% of people who do this route knows where to find the actual Window!

If you can manage some exposure to heights then India Venster is not to be missed. While it is listed as the most challenging hike on Table Mountain, it remains a hike. Anything more difficult than this route is listed as a ‘climb’ and does not appear on hiking maps.

You are cordially invited to adventure with us!

This is a half day hike, R850 per person (includes FREE cable car ride down for groups of four or more)



Skeleton Gorge & Nursery Ravine

A technically easy hike (some easy scrambling) – this is a beautiful hike up to Table Mountain from the Kirstenbosch side, for those who are quite fit, but either don’t like scrambles or prefer a more family friendly hike.

This scenic route is mostly shaded and takes you through some beautiful, lush tropical vegetation, with stunning views over Constantia and the Cape Winelands.

After topping out on this hike we take a more leisurely stroll to see the five dams on Table Mountain and the Waterworks museum, then return to the start point via Nursery Ravine.

Alternatively we visit Maclear’s Beacon (the highest point on Table Mountain) and then descend via Nursery Ravine.

This is a full day hike, R1 200 per person



Lion’s Head

The clockwise, spiral route around Lion’s Head offers incredible views of Camps Bay, then Clifton, Bantry Bay, Sea point, Signal Hill, the Waterfront, City CBD and then finally Table Mountain and the Twelve Apostles. The walk up is not difficult at all and, although there are some small sections with ladders and chains to assist, even these can be avoided by skirting around the corner to the ridge and then onwards to the summit.

The summit offers the most incredible views and is a great opportunity for capturing the spectacular Table Mountain as a backdrop to your selfies or group photos. On the way down we will choose a different route and will lead you to the very elusive and secret Wally’s Cave. From there we take an alternative narrow path down past the abandoned fireman’s lookout then through an ancient forest of rare Silver Leaf trees to the intersection with the old jeep track and then amble back down the wide jeep track to the car park.

The hike is excellent for beginners. It can be regarded as our ‘backup mountain’ since it can be climbed even if the South Easter is howling, which would cause Table Mountain to be rather unpleasant, even unsafe. And the hike down Lion’s Head is far, far easier than hiking down Table Mountain. Visitors who have spare time often climb both Lion’s Head and Table Mountain, normally on separate days.

The hike can be done in two to four hours depending on fitness levels. This is a half day hike, R850 per person.