We also cater for large groups and offer preferential rates for group bookings. We provide our guiding services for corporate events, schools, running and walking clubs, end of year functions and so on. Our team of qualified guides are there to make sure you achieve your goal of hiking up Table Mountain safely.

Can you do it? Of course you can. My son and daughter each climbed Table Mountain before their fifth birthdays so even the uninitiated can do it, but perhaps just a little slower than the rest.

We offer patience and encouragement along the way, some energy conservation tips and sound hiking advice. We will distract you by sharing information about the poisonous plants that can be found, the shy goats that live on the mountain since they escaped from a nearby zoo, the fynbos and proteas,  the history of the mountain itself. You may even get to meet someone who climbed Table Mountain six times in single day as a challenge, and before you know it, the majestic and awe-inspiring summit will be there to greet you and your friends.