How do we make a booking?
You can make a simple telephonic booking by calling Dave directly on 0837888888.

Where do we start from?
The starting point is near the Lower Cable Station, on Tafelberg Road.
Details of the departure time and exact location will be sent to you by SMS or Whatsapp once we have confirmed your booking.

What must I bring?
– You will need the following basic items…
– A small backpack (per family) and one or two bottles of water (per person)
– Sun hat and sunscreen, appropriate hiking shoes or cross trainers. Takkies will do.
– Shorts or loose fitting trousers
– A wind breaker type jacket (no matter how good the weather looks!)
– Snacks for yourself for the trip, e.g. energy bar, apple, banana, nuts or biltong etc
– Optional: Cellphone with fully charged battery/camera

What if the weather changes while hiking?
It often does! Your guide has years of experience and tracks regional and local weather conditions constantly. Depending on the chosen route and weather permitting, our half day hike normally ends with a sedate cablecar ride back to the start. But if weather conditions deteriorate and the Cableway Company suspends operations, then it will require additional hiking time since the group must then hike down the mountain, usually via Platteklip Gorge. We therefore suggest that you be prepared for a hike down anyway. This can add another two hours to the trip.

How fit do I need to be?
To climb Table Mountain one needs to be ‘moderately’ fit. However, we have often been accompanied by ‘unfit’ people and the truth is they just take a little longer, they get more sweaty and may repeat phrases like “What was I thinking?” or “Are we there yet?”. It’s all part of the fun! However, if you have back problems or knee problems, are asthmatic or have a heart condition, pregnancy etc, you should not attempt the hike.

Is it safe?
Yes, with a qualified guide your mountain safety can be assured. Your guide will always put safety first, has many years of experience and ingrained local knowledge. He will always avoid unnecessary risk. A guided hike will be an adventure that you will remember for a lifetime, made more enjoyable by you not having to take responsibility for logistics like navigation, weather, security or timing. So just wear your sunhat and sunscreen to be totally safe!

Do I really need a guide?
The brief answer is No.
The correct answer is: No… but if safety is important to you and you want to get the most out of your day, minimize risk and maximize the experience, then rather hire Table Mountain Hiker to guide you. You may well ask…”What risk?” The primary risk is of getting lost, often compounded by fickle weather and gnarly terrain. Almost weekly people get lost and rescues are so common they hardly get reported. On some routes the trail is often unclear and on lesser known routes (which are often more exciting) there are also fewer people, so asking for directions or assistance may not be an option. A hired guide will take the responsibility for your safety so that your holiday is not ruined because you and your friends took a silly chance in a foreign country, in Africa, on a Mountain you knew almost NOTHING about.

How long will the hike take us?
The group always hikes at the speed of the slowest hiker and so a half day hike typically takes three to five hours and the full day hike takes six to eight hours which includes plenty time for photos, rest breaks and water stops along the way and ample time to ‘smell the Fynbos’. With quicker groups we can sometimes venture further off the beaten track to explore one or two of the lesser known secrets of the mountain.

Do you accept credit cards?
Unfortunately we do not accept credit cards but we do accept cash. Payments can be made after the hike is completed.

And finally, for the hardcore players…Can we hike in any weather conditions?
Yes, if you are truly into wind & rain, pain & suffering then we will even accommodate your crazy masochistic tendency. With almost 100% certainty the cable car will not be running, so the hike will be in both directions. Getting in touch with Mother Nature under extreme conditions is exhilarating and is reserved for those with prior experience with a good sense of humor and willing to get a bit uncomfortable. We provide all the foul weather gear, boots excluded. Foul weather hikes start from R1 200 per person, minimum of three people per group.