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Although Table Mountain is 1086m above sea level, most hikes start from road level at 330 meters above sea level so the challenge is less than the visual perception. With more than 100 known access routes (excluding roped routes) it offers some breathtaking vertical cliff faces… and situated right in the ‘back yard’ of the bustling City below, she is tantalizingly inviting. But it is this very close proximity of the Mountain to the City that makes it so easy for the unprepared to venture forth, almost blindly. This closeness leads to a familiarity with the mountain and has become the leading contributing cause of accidents, rescues and the tragedies that occur far too often.

But whether you are in Cape Town for business or pleasure, it is likely you will want to visit the summit at least once. The vast majority (like 99.9%) will do the trip in the Cable Car, often after queuing for a very long time. We offer a much more adventurous alternative, without any queue.

In order to get the most out of your visit to Table Mountain, we challenge you to ‘Take a hike’…

And the best way to do that is on foot with a qualified hiking guide. Not only will he be responsible for your safety, but he will show you the Mountain from a completely different perspective and will share so many interesting facts en-route that the actual hiking time will appear to pass relatively quickly.

Table Mountain Hiker offers half and full day adventures, perfect for all levels of fitness. We guarantee unique site seeing opportunities, some solitude from the crowds and an experience you will remember for a lifetime.

We are flexible with timing and group size and take into account all factors – such as weather, safety and even your own timetable.

With a passion for nature and a commitment and aptitude for service excellence, your hike up Table Mountain will be fun, memorable and most important, safe.


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As a bonus we also create a short video (no extra charge) so you can easily share your memories on social media after completing the hike. See examples here…